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WE ARE TEMPORARY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE..As we felt the premises was not suitable for this currant situation and to be able to maintain a safe environment for our clients..

John is steelhybrids dedicated professional piercing artist who has been into body piercings from an early age and started professional piercing in 1998 a former member of the eppa (European professional piercers association) and changed the way piercings were preformed, he has worked in various studios in the UK before moving into tattooing and now owning his own studio. John has returned to body piercing and now offers a walk-in piercing service using most up to date methods and all jewellery for initial piercing is sterilised to hospital standard using a mocom vacuum autoclave. 

We uses single-use disposable blades or cannulated needles depending on the piercing and ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium in externally/ internally threaded jewellery, we stocks a wide range of jewellery for healed piercing as well as Neilmeds convenient aftercare spray.
Internally threaded jewellery has a variety of benefits, inserted in a fresh piercing is much more comfortable due to the smooth surface compared to the ridged surface of externally threaded pieces, using internally threaded jewellery with initial piercings greatly increases your chance of healing quickly and issue free. It is most common in the UK and Europe to use externally threaded jewellery. We recommend that everybody use appropriate metals to get pierced with, regardless of whether you choose to wear internally or externally threaded posts.
please check out our body piercing gallery.

​We prefers just the clients getting pierced in the piercing room so that we can work one-to-one with the clients to obtain there
desired piercing without distraction.

Health registered.

We offer a free piercing consultation with no obligation in a very relaxed, friendly environment.
Steelhybrid dose not use the piercing gun for any of our piercing as it cannot be sterilised.
We operate strict I.D. rules and only except passport, driving licence/provisional.
Age restrictions apply on some piercing check out age restrictions info here.
We will need a parent present and to fill out a consent form,
for 16 + valid I.D. or parent consent.

​We recommend you make sure you have enough time for piercing to insure that the
piercer is not rushed.