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Hinged Segment Rings can be a good replacement for ball closure rings. These can use them in almost any body piercing. Hinged segment rings are Idea for home fits and should not need tools to remove.

: Titanium 
: Plain polish
: Hinged segment ring
: Gauge 1mm/1.2mm/1.6mm
: Qualiti

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Created in summer 2013. UK owned company that specialises in body Jewellery. All products made using ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium. Decorated with high quality crystal, faux pals and semi-precious stones. Stones held in place using prong and bezel settings. No glue used in the build process.
All bars and attachments are compatible within their gauge. Meaning you can wear the same bar and several attachments. Great for someone who likes to change their look a lot.

Implant-grade titanium is the best material available for piercings. Compared with other metals such as steel and lower grades of titanium. The composition of the titanium alloy used in ASTM F136. This bounds so that it cannot break down under the skin. Stopping the release of metal particles inside the body.

Titanium such as grade 23, do adhere to the EU Nickel Directive. They are not as bio compatible as ASTM F 136 titanium. Lower quality titanium are not for long-term wear under the skin. ASTM F 136 titanium ensures the greatest chance that a piercing will heal.

Additional information:

Titanium is ideal for both initial body piercings and healed piercings. Compliant with the EU Nickel Directive introduced in Europe in 2001.
Grade Ti6AL-4V, ASTM F136 is the specification for the alloy to to use for surgical implants. It is available in Highly Polished or Anodised Colours. Titanium is only half the weight of steel and twice as strong.

Simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water.
Before inserting into your piercing. No need to use alcohol or harsh cleansers on hinged segment rings.


Please check you have the exact size/length/gauge(thickness) before buying. Due to hygiene reasons, body jewellery is not returnable unless faulty. If you aren’t sure about sizing or have any questions about a product.
email: steelhybrid@yahoo.co.uk or use the contact page.