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14k White Gold Junipurr Plan Clicker Ring


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Junipurr Jewelry Gold Clicker piece is a classic. This 14k hinged ring is ideal for any occasion. The seam of the hinge is conveniently placed so not to interfere with your piercings. A subtle but effective look for any septum piercing. Giving your piercing an enhanced look that makes you stand out in a crowd.

: 14k gold
: White gold
: Clicker     
: Guage 1.2mm
: Size 8mm
: Junipurr Jewelry

Titanium nose studs nostril nail available here:

Junipurr jewelry:

Junipurr jewelery
is a canadian owned company that specialises in 14k gold threadless ends. Many beautiful designs including plain and gem ends as well as a range of gold rings. Junipurr 14k gold comes with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. Junipurr is always pushing forward to come up with unique and exciting designs. These well designed, well manufactured solid junipurr 14k gold threadless decorative ends. Available in yellow, white and rose gold and will compliment any piercing. Fitting with the titanium threadless posts making agreat combination.

Additional information:


Additional information: 

Clicker and hinged rings makes taking the jewellery in and out of your piercing super easy, and the satisfying click lets you know that your jewellery is firmly in place. 

A segment ring comes in two different types:

A regular segment ring has a piece that completely comes out when you put in or take out the jewellery. Some prefer this because of the ease of use and the sleek, seamless look.

A hinged segment ring differs from the regular segment ring because it’s hinged and the hinge is part of the jewellery making it easier for home fits as there's no tools required to remove or replace the hinge these segment types usually show more of a seam than the regular segments. Segment rings typically come in a round hoop shape and can be used in a number of piercings.

While the clicker ring uses a hinge like the hinged segment rings, it differs in two ways: the quintessential clicking clasp and its half-hoop shape. Some clicker rings also have a thicker gauge hoop with a smaller gauge post, while the segment ring is the same size all around. Clicker rings can be used in all sorts of piercings.


Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. 14k or 18k is appropriate for initial piercings. Gold higher than 18k is too soft for body jewelry because it can scratch 18k gold has a rich appearance that makes it an attractive material for body jewelry. Since 18k gold is almost pure. Do not clean gold body jewelry with alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Simple wash with antibacterial soap and warm water before inserting into your piercing. Over time gold can lose its luster from being within the body. All you need to do is light buff it back to its natural shine.


Please check you have the exact size/length/gauge(thickness) before buying.
Due to hygiene reasons, body jewellery is not returnable unless faulty.
If you aren’t sure about sizing or have any questions about a product,
email: or use the contact page.
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